Toquaht Achievement and Excellence Awards

The TNG Achievement and Excellence Awards have been created to recognize achievements of Toquaht Citizens in the areas of community services, academics, and athletics and sports. A citizen can be nominated by another Toquaht community member, including family, friends, and Toquaht Nation Government leadership and administration. TNG Awards will be awarded by August 31st of each year.

The 3 awards are named after exceptional Toquaht individuals who have contributed to the respective areas of service, achievement, and excellence. We would like to celebrate our Elder Toquaht individuals who have paved the way for all Toquaht citizens to succeed in a variety of ways.

Community Services: This award is to recognize Toquaht citizens for their contributions to the communtiy. The award is named after taayi ḥaw̓ił t̓iit̓skiisup (Bert Mack), whose tireless work enhanced Toquaht community well-being through treaty negotations. taayi ḥaw̓ił t̓iit̓skiisup led for 60 years beginning when he was only 18 years old. His father taayi ḥaw̓ił maaʔaqʔiiḥ (Cecil Mack) supported him until his passing in 1978. Housing in remote communities was almost non-existent with the INAC system, and on two occassions over a few decades, our Chiefs bought settlements that had housing on them. One was located at Stewart Bay, and the other at Pine Street in the District of Ucluelet, which had several hosues for sale. Our citizens were able to purchase these houses, and this is where taayi ḥaw̓ił t̓iit̓skiisup and his wife, Lillian, lived for over 40 years. Cecil also lived there until 1978.

Academic Excellence: This award is to recognize Toquaht citizens who have demonstrated academic excellence in any subjects through a commitment to excellence and learning. This award is named after taayii ḥaw̓ił maaʔaqʔiiḥ (Cecil Mack) whose commitment to lifelong learning continues to influence Toquaht today. He was an advocate for Toquaht asking that the governments of BC and Canada address land issues of BC First Nations.

Athletics and Sports: This award is to recognize Toquaht citizens who have demonstrated excellence or achievement in sports, and other athletics. čaamata yakawaʔaḥ (Phillip Mack) is a citizen who has excelled in the sports and was committed to hard work, teamwork, and dedication to his personal best.

To nominate a citizen, fill and return this application form to Kathy (

For more information, contact Kathy: / 250-720-6640.