Official Community Plan

We are updating our 2016 Official Community Plan (OCP). A lot has changed since we completed our first OCP in 2016. The update will consider all these changes, incorporate the other studies and projects we’ve completed since the OCP, and help make sure we continue to manage Toquaht Lands according to Toquaht values.

Citizen participation is an important part of the update project. Opportunities for engagement will be organized both online and in-person to connect with people wherever they live.

What’s an OCP?
An Official community plan (OCP) is basically collection of policies, procedures, and maps to help ensure we are stewarding and developing Toquaht Lands according to our values and for future generations. It outlines which areas of our lands can be used for what purposes and establishes basic development guidelines and standards for them. It also identifies future development projects and studies for Toquaht to undertake.

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