Meet Our Staff

The Toquaht Nation government administration seeks to honour and uphold Toquaht culture, values, history, and self-governing responsibilities. We strive to provide accountable and transparent governance, and serve Toquaht citizens with honesty and integrity.


Lisa Morgan
Lisa Morgan
Director of Community Services
Ext. 226
Robyn Rea
Robyn Rea
Director of Finance
Ext. 222

Angela Polifroni
Director of Operations
Ext. 229
David Johnsen
David Johnsen
Director of Lands, Public Works and Resources

Ext. 233 


Dennis Hetu
Administrator of Lands, Public Works and Resources
Ext. 231
Kirsten Johnsen
Kirsten Johnsen
Office Administrator and Law Clerk
Ext. 227
Naomi Mack
Naomi Mack
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 221
Noah Plonka
Noah Plonka
Manager of Business Operations
Ext. 236
Noreen Frank
Noreen Frank
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 223


Manager of Housing and Infrastructure
Ext. 232

Allison Timmermans
Ext. 230

Brett Freake

Manager of Lands and Resources
Ext. 261

Mary Guenette
Accounting Administrator
Ext. 234


Gale Johnsen
Cultural Coordinator (Contract)
Ext. 257
Rick Shafer
Economic Development/Capital Projects (Contract)