Toquaht Nation aims to bring people home to a thriving community.

We know that one of the biggest challenges for citizens moving to Macoah is a housing shortage.

Eight units of rental housing were constructed in 2017-2018, nearly doubling the population of Macoah. However, we know that’s not enough which was confirmed in the recently completed Toquaht Housing Need and Demand Study, done with funding from the Union of BC Municipalities.

Our next step is to develop a multi-year Housing Strategy so that we have a clear path forward that outlines the types of housing we need and a building schedule (and funding plan) that reflects our needs and capacity. We are also very close to securing funding from Canada to begin construction of additional rental units within the next couple of years!

Renting At Macoah

Toquaht Nation currently owns and operates ten units of rental housing. This includes two single family homes and eight 2/3 bedroom units in four duplexes. We rent out these units in a mix of market and below market rental rates (or social housing) in accordance with the TN Housing Act & Housing Regulation. All rental units are occupied but we maintain social and market housing lists for when units become available.

To add your name to either rental housing list please fill out the Eligibility Application and forward to Naomi at naomim@toquaht.ca. The Eligibility Application will determine if you qualify for social or market housing and must be completed in full.

When Housing becomes available, all citizens on the relevant list will be invited to submit an Allocation Application if interested in the vacant unit. Allocation decisions are made by the Toquaht Housing Committee as directed by Toquaht law.

Home ownership at Macoah

There are a limited number of bare lots available to Toquaht Nation citizens at Macoah. These lots are available to citizens who do not currently and have not previously owned a lot in Macoah. You can contact Manager of Lands and Resources Brett Freake at brettf@toquaht.ca for information about lot ownership.