Health and Family Services

The Toquaht Nation Health Department promotes the health and well-being of all Toquaht citizens.  It supports the community’s physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and cultural wellness. Toquaht Health Department

Their services include:

  • Supporting individuals and families in obtaining required health services by making appropriate referrals
  • Providing health education, advice, and counselling to individuals and groups on a variety of health-related concerns
  • Working closely with the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council to secure patient transportation and other health services/products
  • Attending and participating in health-related groups, committees, boards, and meetings
  • To support the care of children where their living arrangements are at high risk of breakdown (including local authority placements)
  • To support the reunification of children with their family/other carers in the community
  • To provide both an intensive services to families in crisis and planned interventions as part of agreed plans for children
  • Adhering to the Toquaht Nation Code of Conduct and Oath of Confidentiality when dealing with all matters relating to the affairs of the community health program and family services program
The Toquaht Health Department recently reviewed the health department policies and created a new Toquaht Citizen Support Policy. Please familiarize yourself with the new policy.
Toquaht Citizen Support Policy
Hardship Application:
The Hardship Application was created to support Toquaht citizens who experience an “unforeseen hardship,” which means an unexpected situation which caused a significant emotional or financial upheaval in a citizen’s life. Eligible hardships are varied, and some examples are job loss, a health emergency, or eviction from residence. Ineligible examples are monthly bills (unless in documented instance of job loss), attending cultural events or vacations, or seasonal layoffs.
Funeral Support Application: 
The Funeral Application Form was created to support Toquaht citizens who need supports for funeral services. To be eligible, the deceased MUST be a registered Toquaht citizen. Eligible costs include funeral Services, transportation of deceased, travel costs for immediate family members, caskets and urns, cremation, cemetery plot, traditional practices, catering, flowers, and officiators, and hall rentals.
Elder Support Application:  
The Elder Support Application was created to support registered Toquaht citizens who are Elders, or 55 years or older who are looking to access supports for activities that support mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. These include but are not limited to: conferences, social groups, and traditional activities.
Non-Insured Health Benefits Policy & Application: 
The Non-Insured Health Benefits Policy and application was created to support Toquaht citizens who do no have Insured Health Benefits. It is also for citizens looking to top off on existing funding through other organizations (such FNHA, disability, social assistance) where needed.

For more information, contact Noreen Frank:
250-726-4230 (ext. 223)
Toll-free: 1-877-726-4230 (ext. 223)