Fish Distributions

Under the Maa-nulth First Nations Final Agreement, the Toquaht Nation’s right to harvest fish and aquatic plants is recognized. We also realize that modern day life means that many Toquaht citizens are living in towns and cities and are unable to harvest their own fish. So, a few times a year the Toquaht Nation administration organizes a fish distribution for Toquaht citizens. Fish distributions take up much time and resources, and are a privilege for Toquaht citizens – not a right.




Fish distributions are typically last minute because fishing is dependent on weather, fishermen, and, of course, the fish. When the fish catch arrives, the administration is usually notified just one or two days before. We typically deliver to one central place in Macoah, Ucluelet and Port Alberni, and Toquaht citizens must arrange to transport their fish from that meeting place to their homes. Exceptions can be made for Elders, and should be arranged with the office beforehand.

When a fish distribution is coming up, the office will call Toquaht citizens living in the area of the distribution. It is the responsibility of Toquaht citizens to keep their phone number current with the office.

To read the full details/process about fish distributions, click here  to read our Fish Distribution Policy. If you have any questions about fish distributions, contact:

Dennis Hetu, Administrator of Lands, Public Works and Resources
250-726-4230 (ext. 231)
Toll free: 1-877-726-4230 (ext. 231)