TNG Emergency COVID-19 Financial Relief

Attention Citizens of Toquaht Nation –

Your Toquaht Nation leadership have decided to provide an immediate emergency benefit to all citizens over 18 in the amount of $500.

The TNG recognizes how stressful and challenging these times are and wants to get cash in citizens’ hands to help offset hardships due to the COVID -19 crisis.

This is a one-time measure, however, we continue to focus our work to help support citizens through this crisis. The benefit will only be available by direct deposit.

The form below can be printed. It indicates the info we need.

We are asking citizens to please return this form ASAP to or by fax at 250-726-4403.

You can also send a copy of a blank cheque to Finance staff who will ensure that an electronic transfer is processed as quickly as possible. If you have set up electronic transfers, you do not need to forward this information.

CLICK HERE for the EFT Transfer Form