Corporate Structure

The Toquaht Nation’s governance and corporate structure are based on the principles of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. As laid out in the infographic below, the political affairs of the Nation are separate from our corporate affairs. This helps ensure a high level of accountability, integrity and transparency. Click on the infographic below to enlarge it and click here to see it come to life! Then, scroll down for a detailed description of our corporate structure.


The Toquaht Council appoint an Economic Development Committee to give them advice. The Economic Development Committee consists of 5-7 people who bring particular expertise or other considerations; for example, knowledge of Toquaht lands and culture. An Economic Development Officer helps create opportunities, develops feasibility studies and business plans, and provides general advice.

The Toquaht Executive then selects 2 people from the Economic Development Committee to sit on a corporate Holdings Board. They also select one other individual who brings particular business or development expertise. The Holdings Board is made up of 3 people in total, and enters into a “limited partnership” with the Toquaht Nation in order to provide high-level business oversight of Toquaht corporations. The Holdings Board approves corporations’ annual plans and budgets, approves big expenditures, and provides reports about its financial and operational circumstances to the Toquaht Executive.

The Holdings Board also appoints a 5-person Operating Board to oversee the “day-to-day” affairs of Toquaht businesses. The Operating Board develops annual plans for the businesses (and provides them to the Holdings Board for approval), prepares budgets, and develops policies and procedures necessary for the businesses.

A Director of Business Operations manages the businesses and their employees.