Proposed amendments to the Land Act

Explanatory Memo: Land Act proposed amendments

TN Land Act Amendment Act (proposed)

Happy spring, Toquaht citizens!

As we introduced in an earlier blog, the Toquaht Nation is working keenly to “bring people home to a thriving community” by ensuring that rental housing or home ownership in Toquaht territory can be a reality for Toquaht citizens and their loved ones.

In this spirit, the Nation is proposing changes to our Land Act that relate to Macoah housing. Our driving goal is to bring Toquaht people home, and Council’s objective with the proposed amendment is to keep the land transfer process administratively manageable and inexpensive.

Currently, the Land Act requires all land transfers to Toquaht enrollees to undergo two public meetings and a referendum. If the proposed Land Act amendment is adopted, information meetings or referendums will not be required before land at Macoah can be transferred to a Toquaht enrollee, or a Toquaht enrollee and their spouse.

The goal of the proposed change is to keep the land transfer process administratively manageable and inexpensive for Toquaht citizens moving to Macoah, in keeping with the Nation’s goal to bring people home. A referendum or a ratification vote is still required for land transfers in all locations other than Macoah, and for land transfers to non-enrollees.

It is important that Toquaht home owners consider adding their spouse to the land title at the time of the transfer from the Nation. If the spouse is on the land title, in case of the enrollee’s death, the spouse will automatically take ownership of the house. Putting the spouse in the will as the benefactor of the property will not provide the same security for the spouse in the event of a tragedy. Please read the Explanatory Memo for more information, or contact Juliet Van Vliet, Director of Lands, if you have any questions.

If you have any feedback or questions related to the proposed Land Act changes, please email Juliet or call the Toquaht office: and 250-726-4230.