Presenting the draft 2016-2017 budget and draft 2016-2021 Five-Year Financial Plan

At our March 19, 2016, People’s Assembly, the Toquaht Nation leadership will introduce our proposed budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year and seek approval from Toquaht citizens. Under our Financial Administration Act (page 17), Toquaht is required to present a draft annual budget to Toquaht citizens at a People’s Assembly before a fiscal year starts. Last year, Toquaht citizens requested that proposed budgets be made available ahead of the People’s Assembly so they can come prepared with any questions or comments. The Toquaht Council has committed to doing so for the future, beginning this year.

Each year, Toquaht is also required to produce a multi-year financial plan to demonstrate that adequate financial preparation is taking place for the future.

Please click on the 2 images below to read the draft Toquaht Nation Government Annual Budget Act 2016-2017 (the actual budget begins on page 8), and the Toquaht Nation Government Five-Year Financial Plan Act 2016-2021. Please review these documents prior to the March 19, 2016, People’s Assembly and come prepared to provide input or ask questions. If you would like to discuss your questions or comments ahead of time, please call the Toquaht office at 1-877-726-4230 and ask for the Finance Department.

Thank you to all Toquaht citizens for helping make Toquaht a strong, proud and accountable Nation!


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