Official Community Plan

Under our Planning and Land Use Management Act, the Toquaht Nation is required to have an Official Community Plan (OCP) in place. An OCP is a statement of policies and objectives that lay out growth objectives and goals, and guide decision-making about planning, land use management and economic development.

Essentially, the OCP setsĀ out our priorities for our growing Nation. Priorities include: the development of an enduring economic base, protection of the environment, and the nurturing of cultural values and practices. We agree – as a community – on actions to take to strengthen and sustain our people, our lands, and our waters.

We held numerous engagement sessions with Toquaht citizens from 2012-2016, and we deeply thank everyone who provided input. The OCP was officially adopted in March, 2016, and can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

If you have any questions or comments about the OCP, please contact:

David Johnsen
Director of Lands, Public Works and Resources

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