Laws, Regulations and Policies


Administrative Decisions Review Act

Annual Budget Act 2017-2018

Application of Laws to Foreshore Act

Building and Development Authorization Act

Business Licensing Act

Citizenship Act

Council Rules of Order and Procedure

Economic Development Act

Effective Date Procedures Act with Schedules

Elections Act

Enforcement Act

Environmental Protection Act

Financial Administration Act

Five-Year Financial Plan Act 2017-2022

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Government Act

Government Personnel Act

Grammatical & Typographical Amendments Act

Housing Authority Act

Integrity Act

Interpretation Act

Land Act 

Official Community Plan Act

Planning and Land Use Management Act

Public Order, Peace and Safety Act

Real Property Tax Act

Referendum Act

Resources Harvesting Act



Annual Rates Regulation 2017

Building Forms Regulation

Business Licensing Regulation with Forms attached

Citizenship and Enrolment Forms Regulation

Compliance Notice and Ticket Regulation

Disclosure Forms Regulation

Enforcement Standards Regulation

Executive Rules of Order and Procedure Regulation

Expenditures Regulation

Fisheries Regulation

Governance & Fiscal Agreement Regulation

Lands Registry Forms Regulation 

Rental Housing Regulation

Review Board Forms & Fees Regulation

Wildlife Migratory Birds Regulation

Toquaht Titled Lands Transfer Regulation

Wood Waste Disposal Regulation



Ticketable Offences Amendment Regulation No. 1



Miscellaneous Amendments Act

Miscellaneous Amendments Act No 2

Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No 1

Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No 2

Enforcement Framework Amendment Act No. 3



People’s Assembly Travel Policy

Domestic Fish Distribution Policy