K-12 Education

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School Supplies Allowance

Each academic year, the Toquaht Nation can provide support for school supplies for Toquaht citizens who are in grades K-12. Click the links below to download the policy and application form.

Send your application form to the Toquaht Nation office between August 1 – September 30 each year. Applications received outside that time frame will not be accepted.

School Supplies Allowance Policy

School Supplies Allowance Application

Youth Recreation Fund

Once per calendar year, each Toquaht citizen in grades K-12 (or their parent or guardian) can apply for up to $100 to help them with curricular or extra-curricular activities. Examples are swimming lessons, sports camps, soccer team fees, etc. Click the links below to download the policy and application form.

Send the application form to the Toquaht Nation office at any time throughout the calendar year.

Youth Recreation Fund Policy

Youth Recreation Fund Application

Good Grades Allowance

The Good Grades Allowance is an incentive where Toquaht students in grades 1-12 can be rewarded by submitting their report cards throughout the academic school year (September – June; Summer school does not count). The Good Grades Allowance is to recognize Toquaht students who do their best in school, and who are committed to achieving good grades and a higher education.

To be eligible, students must fax or email Naomi Mack their report card within 2 weeks of receiving report card.

Students will not receive one lump sum payout at the end of the year.

Click the link below to download the full policy.

Good Grades Allowance Policy