Eligibility Application form for rental housing (must be submitted by all housing applicants)

Household Income Declaration Form (must also be submitted by social housing applicants)



The Toquaht Nation’s goal is to “bring people home to a thriving community.” There are currently just 10 residences in Toquaht’s community of Macoah, as we historically did not have the infrastructure (power, water, sewer) to support a large community. However, Macoah hooked up to the electrical grid in 2009, and built a water treatment facility in 2012 to provide clean drinking water to residents. A community sewage system will be complete by the fall of 2017, after which time Toquaht, and Toquaht citizens, will be able to build more homes. High speed internet recently arrived in Macoah with the generous support of Pathways to Technology.

Now that we are under treaty, we have a board appointed to oversee all rental housing. It is called the Toquaht Housing Authority and is made up of 3 people who do not work for the Toquaht Government Administration.


As laid out in the Housing Authority Act and its Rental Housing Regulation, to be eligible to apply for rental housing:

  • You must be a Toquaht citizen and be at least 19 years of age
  • You must not have been convicted of a criminal offence within the past 10 years
  • You must be in good financial standing with the Housing Authority and Toquaht Nation

If you are applying for social housing, the people in your household must have a combined income of less than:

  • for a bachelor suite: $23,000 before tax
  • for a one-bedroom rental unit $23,500 before tax
  • for a two-bedroom rental unit: $31,000 before tax
  • for a three-bedroom rental unit: $35,500 before tax
  • for a rental unit with more than three bedrooms: $39,500 before tax

To apply for rental housing, all applicants must fill out: Eligibility Application Form (click here)

To apply for social housing, applicants must also fill out: Household Income Declaration Form (click here)

Submit the form(s) to the Toquaht Housing Authority at toquahthousingauthority@toquaht.ca, along with the required fees. Once you are on the housing list, the Housing Authority reviews your needs in comparison to what homes are available. You will stay on the list until suitable housing becomes available, so you will only need to apply once.

If you have any questions whatsoever, contact the Housing Authority at toquahthousingauthority@toquaht.ca or the Director of Lands, Public Works and Resources at julietv@toquaht.ca.