Exciting Housing Update

In Toquaht’s Lands, Resources and Public Works department, there is plenty of excitement about housing this year!

Toquaht is partnering with INAC and M’akola Development to build 6 new units of social housing at Macoah. The project will break ground in the summer of 2017 and will be complete by March 2018. These social housing units will be managed by our own Toquaht Housing Authority, and are a big step toward’s Toquaht’s goal of “bringing people home to a thriving community.”


The concept plans above have been specially designed for Toquaht. We hope this housing will be comfortable for Elders, kids and everyone in between.

ball field

The Lands department is working with Paul and Ocean from the Indigenous Planning program at UBC on a Village Plan for Macoah. This plan will help define what “bringing people home” really means to citizens.

These students created a housing survey that citizens filled out at the Christmas People’s Assembly. We learned that almost half of the respondents (12) both met the requirements for social housing, and were interested in moving into one of the units. We will build on this and past citizen feedback regarding the kind of community Toquaht citizens want to come home to. Stay tuned for online surveys, and other mini-engagement events!

vision map