Exciting Housing Update

In Toquaht’s Lands, Resources and Public Works department, there is plenty of excitement about housing this year! Toquaht is partnering with INAC and M’akola Development to build 6 new units of social housing at Macoah. The project will break ground in the summer of 2017 and will be complete by March 2018. These social housing units will be managed by… Read more →

Social Determinants of Health

The Gathering Wisdom forum this year took place November 30 – December 2, 2016, in Vancouver. The theme was Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future. We acknowledged that “social determinants of health” are not a new concept to Indigenous peoples. This holistic concept of health reflects our connection between physical, mental, spiritual and emotional dimensions of well-being.… Read more →

Proposed amendments to the Land Act

Explanatory Memo: Land Act proposed amendments TN Land Act Amendment Act (proposed) Happy spring, Toquaht citizens! As we introduced in an earlier blog, the Toquaht Nation is working keenly to “bring people home to a thriving community” by ensuring that rental housing or home ownership in Toquaht territory can be a reality for Toquaht citizens and their loved ones. In this… Read more →

Toquaht Citizens’ input requested on final Official Community Plan!

[Editor’s note: The OCP was formally adopted at the end of March, 2016] Our Official Community Plan (OCP) is near completion and will soon be passed into Toquaht law. We are seeking as much input from Toquaht citizens as possible before its formal adoption! Please review the draft OCP by clicking here or on the image below. (The link includes a brief… Read more →