2022-2023 Annual Budget Presentation at March 19, 2022 People’s Assembly

The Toquaht Nation is a self-governing Nation working to bring people home to a thriving community, and financial planning is more important than ever.

As we prepare to enter a new fiscal year, the Toquaht Nation Government is excited to present the 2022-2023 Draft Budget at the March 19 People’s Assembly to seek Toquaht citizens’ approval.

If you have any questions or would like to provide comments in advance of the March 19 People’s Assembly, contact Angela Polifroni, Director of Operations, at angelap@toquaht.ca.

We encourage all Toquaht citizens to exercise your right to self-government by participating in our quarterly People’s Assemblies to give guidance and direction to the Toquaht Council. We look forward to seeing you there!